About Us

Academic Diversity Search (ADS) is a niche job posting board for women and underrepresented groups in higher education and research. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background, has the potential and right to reach their career goals.

Who are we?

In 2001 we began to support universities, colleges, research labs and schools to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment by connecting our highly qualified candidates internationally.

The continuously growing need and desire for academic institutions to increase their potential with excellent, diverse talent has not stopped since our beginnings. We continue to respond to the trend by growing our reach and services with women and minorities as target candidates.

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Why does it matter?

Superior Reputation

A well integrated and diverse team increases the richness in research and teaching, improving its reputation among its multifaceted students and surrounding community.

Attracting Highly Qualified Candidates

Diversity and inclusion improve your employer brand and therefore create a highly desirable work environment for prospective employees.

Increased Employee Retention

Institutions and companies with a diverse workforce are more likely to be inclusive of individuals with a wide range of characteristics. More accepting cultures make employees feel welcome and valued and create a sense of belonging, resulting in lower turnover rates.

Greater Innovation

A diverse team brings multiple perspectives to develop innovative solutions. The richness of a multifaceted work environment expands academic progress and scholarly leadership.

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Key Differentiators

20 Years of Connecting Talent with Higher Ed Institutions

Since our beginnings, the need and desire to hire qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds continues to grow. We have been part of that growth by adapting to the movement and lending our expertise to our clients.

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

ADS’ foundation is built on the principles to become an accessible gateway for a highly qualified workforce. Universities and research institutions reach out to us to cultivate diverse staff and faculty.

Pride in Personalized Customer Service

Our team takes pride in working closely with candidates and employers. We get to know you because you matter to us, and we will always treat you with authenticity.
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Our Services


Search Jobs

Find your university job within minutes. Personalize your search by category, position, location, institution, or key words. Connect with your future employers who value your individual background.


Career Directions

We assist women and underrepresented groups in launching their career in universities and research facilities. Connect with us by phone or email to confidentially discuss your career development. We want to get to know you and help you find the employer you deserve.


Post Jobs

Post your university jobs with us and reach the most talented and diverse applicants globally. Become a leader in Diversity and Inclusion by connecting with highly qualified candidates.


Online Job Board

ADS is a niche job board that focuses on women and underrepresented groups. We promote candidates of diverse identities and experiences to discover inclusive universities and research institutions.